Tuesday, January 27, 2009

The Importance of Hiring an Expert Photographer

In your industry, whether it's acting, modeling, pageantry, or music you are judged on  your image.  And you have very little time to make that impression the right impression.  Over the last 40 years we have seen hundreds of thousands of headshots and publicity prints run through our presses.  There are some that really grabbed our attention.   These were the ones that said to us, "You will be reproducing my fan club headshots in just a short amount of time." They all have one thing in common--an expert headshot photographer.  

An expert headshot photographer has developed the ability to draw out and to capture the essence you want to portray to your audiences in a "click."  While this is a huge part of the photographer's puzzle, there are also lighting concerns and color issues that accent that perfect look--or kill it.   Knowing how to get all of these things to fall into place is important to creating a headshot that will get noticed and it also determines how well your reprints will turn out.    

The term "Garbage In, Garbage Out" applies to making reprints.  When it comes time for us to make your reprints, a quality photograph reproduces well.  The need for retouching is rare, delays are minimized and the end result looks very much like the original.   On the contrary, when we receive images taken by an inexperienced photographer all kinds of issues can arise when the image goes to press.  A common problem is a  "hot spot" or  a white patch on your skin.   A "hot spot" will print as if someone just erased a portion of your cheek or forehead leaving only an irregular white patchy area.   It has become particularly common with the advent of digital cameras.  Unintentional shadows on the face, flat or grey looking images, blurriness, ambient coloring on the skin or in the hair (i.e. green highlights in blonde hair) and overly retouched images are also commonly seen with inexperienced photographers and make our job of making great reprints more difficult.  (The only thing worse than having a bad headshot is having 250 of that same headshot.)  While we can combat some of these things with retouching in-house, there is simply no substitute for a photograph that simply demands to be reprinted as is--both for your purposes and ours.  Start with an expert and you will be in control of the image you are putting out to your audiences and you will receive wonderful reprints from ABC Pictures.    

For more information on headshot photography, visit these links.  These links stress the importance of a professional photographer and though we are not endorsing any one photographer they might be helpful in finding the right photographer for your next photo shoot.