Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Definition of a "Loupe"

"A 'Loupe' (pronounced 'Loop') is a type of magnification device used to see things one is looking at more closely.  In this respect, they are simply a form of a modified microscope, allowing the user to be able to better apply the phenomenon of microscopy to his or her trade."  (Thank you wikipedia.org/wiki/Loupe).  

In the business of printing we use loupes to examine jobs more closely before we send them to you.  When we were naming our blog, it seemed appropriate to include this little device of closer inspection in the name because that's exactly what we would like this blog to be--a closer inspection of things that affect promotion of your talent; a place that will help keep you "in the loupe" about pertinent industry news and relevant individuals.   We will also throw in some good tidbits on getting the best reproductions of your publicity prints, model comp cards and headshots and keep you updated on our newest products and services.    I do hope you will join us! 

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

We Have Moved But That's Not All

For all of the folks who have worked with ABC Pictures over the years (and for our newest converts) be advised that after 35 years we have changed our physical address.  In October of this year we moved to northeast Springfield, Missouri into a new and expanded facility.  As most of you are in New York, Los Angeles, Atlanta, Chicago, etc., and are placing your orders online rather than mailing them, this change probably isn't as significant as some of our other recent changes.   In early 2008,  commercial printer Bass Print Solutions  purchased ABC Pictures.   The beauty of this marriage is that ABC now has so many more products and services that we can offer YOU! One of the most requested--faster turnaround on color orders--has already begun.     We can also offer lower minimum runs for those who just need a few and rush services for the time challenged.    As 2008 turns into 2009 we will be adding all of our new products and services to our website.  In the meantime give us a call and we can help you price your next project.   Happy Holidays!